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31 December 2011

Recharge your Mobile for free with Freecharge Service

FreechargeIf you own a mobile phone and use it on daily basis than you will be familiar with the recharge cost you pay on the monthly basis, well if you have a postpaid connection that your parents might be paying bills for your calls and messages but if you own a prepaid number than sometimes you might recharge it from your own pocket money. Well in this cost increasing life span Freecharge.in online recharging services has given us a way to recharge our mobile phone for free.

Well with the word I don’t mean that you just have to enter your mobile number @ their website and choose for what amount you wanna recharge with, well with free I mean you get many rewards back when you recharge with their services. So now if you are thinking that its another fake service and you will not get anything well that’s not the deal because I will give you proof below what I got.

How Freecharge Service Works .:

Freecharge.in simply recharges your phone on the go and reward you with the coupons you can use to buy stuff, Using Freecharge.in is extremely simple as it does not need any technical knowledge, because its simple steps following service, after you have created your account and signed in to your account you have to enter your Mobile Number and Choose the amount for which you wanna recharge your mobile with than click Proceed.

Free Mobile Recharge - Freecharge

So now like I have entered all the details above you have to enter them and click on proceed, and now step comes to choose the coupons from below section, now you can choose coupons to the equivalent amount your are recharging with.

Free Mobile Recharge - Freecharge

Now just select coupons you want to get in equivalent to your recharge amount, you can see I have highlighted two red boxes which has blue and Orange color well the orange color signifies that those coupons will be delivered to your @ your home and the Blue one will be emailed to you in your inbox. Now remember you will be charged extra Rs.10 for delivering these coupons to your home.

Now when you are done with choosing your coupons simply hit the Confirm Order and you will be presented with the page displaying methods to pay for your recharge amount like below .:

Free Mobile Recharge - Freecharge

So now you can choose how you want to pay for your recharge amount, well I usually pay with my debit card as it’s the safe way to pay. So if you are also paying with the debit card than choose debit card and than click on the SUBMIT Button below. That’s it you will be presented with the screen asking you to enter the security code and else stuff so do that and your will be done and you will get an email telling you about your coupons.

So now if you are thinking that does really Freecharge.in works or it’s a fake service so to prove this think first think is the Alexa Rank for Freecharge.in is 5,277 and the another proof is these coupons I personally got from them I ordered McDonalds Coupon.

Free Mobile Recharge - Freecharge

So now its clear that Freecharge.in is the best service for online recharge and it really works after you have checked out the proof’s. Now in brief what are the advantages of Freecharge.in Service.

Advantages of Freecharge Service .:

  • You get Coupons equivalent to your recharge amount.
  • Recharge is fast.
  • Anytime Recharge whether its day or night recharge service always up.
  • Recharge just as Free.