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26 December 2011

Change DNS Servers easily with Public DNS Server Tool

DNS Servers are really important and play an essential role in the world of internet, so choosing right DNS Servers are really important, from default your ISP provides with DNS Servers but you can change them to Google DNS or any other good DNS Providers. Well changing DNS Servers for any newbie can be tough so we found an amazing tool out there which can change your DNS Servers automatically after you choose to which one you wanna migrate.

Pubic DNS Server Tool

So you can see the demo of the tool in the above image, this is exactly the layout of the tool well its simple with two objects to select and than you have to click on Change to change your DNS Servers. In the first selection box you have to choose your Network Card so if you have just one card than it will be selected automatically but if you have more than one than you can choose for which one you wanna change the DNS Servers.

So after network card choosing is done you have to choose the best Public DNS Servers, well I will recommend that you go with Google DNS Servers as those are the best DNS Servers.

Now click on change and wait for it to change your DNS Servers you will a small done after its done and than you can restart your computer so that DNS Servers can take effect. You can download Public DNS Server Tool from creators official website. Now have fun and change your DNS Server without any problems.