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26 January 2012

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop

MacBookToday’s world is based on Portability, we need everything portable from communication devices to transporting well in now days people do not use PC’s as they need a fixed spot to be operated so they go for Laptop’s and other Tablets which can be taken anywhere, can be operated by anyone and it works pretty well as modern laptops are coming with best technology applied to it so its good to buy a Laptop instead of a PC, but this does end over here you should check out some points before purchasing a Good Laptop.

So we have gathered few points which you should check before purchasing any new laptop so these steps will surely help you out in getting the laptop for your own needs.

1. Technical Specifications :

RAM ( Random Access Memory )The first and the main point you should check before purchasing a new laptop is to check all the technical specification which are coming bundled with that laptop, so by technical specification I mean to say the RAM, Processor, Hard-Disk,Graphic Card and all other stuff. So in my opinion you should go with the laptop which comes with like 6-8 GB RAM, 500-750 GB Hard-Disk, i7 Processor and a at least 1 GB Graphic Card so these specification must be present on that Laptop for best overall experience.

2. Overall Look :

Laptop Look and FeelNow obviously if you are going for a laptop than after checking its technical specs you will look around its overall feel, means how it looks when you are holding it or when you are using it so it should be quit impressive, it should be thin and sleek for perfect portable look. So you got it what I am talking about.

3. Size - Weight - Durability :

Laptop Weight and DurabilityThis is something you should check @ priority because it matters a lot, like size it should not be over big so that its really annoying to carry it around, about its weight if it will be too heavy than when ever you will carry you will be tired along the way going. And the last thing which you need to check is the Durability will it be compatible with your nature, means some people have aggressive nature that they use the laptops and than they throw it around their floor so it can damage its hard disk if its not having a good secure shell. So this is a must check point. And if you want to go with the best and strongest laptop than I will recommend that you go with Alienware.

4. Battery Life :

Laptop Battery LifeNow I don’t have to explain this point in the deep as you all know that this is the thing which everyone asks automatically before purchasing any Laptop and any other gadget, so that gadget has low battery life than in case of travelling you will not be able to take full advantage of that gadget hence it will be like a waste for you so its must that its battery life is well and good.

5. Price Matters :

Laptop Price Now if you are getting all the above things and the laptop is satisfying your needs the last thing which will surely Un-Satisfy you is the price, so if price goes out of the budget than you will not be able to pay for that laptop and you have to seek for another one and that might not satisfy with its overall technical specifications, so you should properly check all the things but side by side taking the note of price so that @ last you have the best laptop ready for your home delivery.

That’s it these were 5 points according to me which should be taken into consideration before purchasing a new laptop so that your purchases are the best ones, and you don’t have to invest in laptop’s in future again. So if you think that this post has really satisfied you than you can like it and +1 it below so that your friends also get to view these points.