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29 January 2012

6 Factors to Consider while Choosing Laptop Cooling Pads

laptop-cooling-padsEvery gadget has some restrictions bond to them like it can be good battery backup but with slow performance or high performance but low battery backup so if we are going for something like high performance laptops than one thing is surely to be seen that it will overheat soon and when its overheated than you might get a performance decrease and more heat can even damage your laptop’s interior stuff.

So its really important that you use a good laptop cooling pad so that if you are working for hours you get the same performance with same temperature and it also increases your laptops life so its really important that you go for the best so below are the 6 main factors you should consider before making a purchase for your own personal laptop cooling pad.

Price :

Its not important that the best laptop cooler will be obviously expensive, cooling mechanism for every pad is same so getting the best one which is affordable to you is the main thing.

Durability :

Durability is must to be checked as some laptop coolers might be cheap but they can only last for a month or two, so after their lifespan period their fan might get slow and it might not give that much cooling experience.

Quietness :

The best laptop cooler is the one that’s quiet, so if you are getting one who’s fans are extremely fast but making some serious noise that that will be more irritating and you will try to bang it up and down so this should be checked.

Cooling Capacity :

This is the major point which might be checked as it only makes your cooling pad the best one, so it might have more fans for this purpose but correct positing is also really important. So your might check before purchasing that cooling capacity is ok for that cooling pad.

Portable :

Cooling pads should be portable because you might take it anywhere you want to as it should be able to carry in the same bag in which you are gonna fit your laptop + it should be USB powered so that if there is not power supply that also your USB connected cooling pad is able to cool down your laptop.

Design :

Design for cooling pad is not a major point because its just for your personal satisfaction so I will recommend that it can be simple but something does not looks bulky when its just on the table.

So here you go with few factors that must be considered before you purchase any good cooling pad for your laptop. There can be some more points or tips you want to share please comment below and I will update this post with those points. Have Fun :)