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03 February 2012

5 Best Reasons to Stick with Blogger instead of Wordpress

Blogger over wordpressBlogger and Wordpress are two different platforms which are the most popular ones in the line of blogging, well its obviously the main step to choose from when ever you are getting in the line of blogging. So now we are not going to say that Wordpress is bad and Blogger is awesome nope but we are just giving out 5 reasons that why you should go with Blogger instead of Wordpress.

Below 5 reasons may not impress you out but as I am using Blogger I think so I felt that these are some of the points I loved blogger for, why not check them out.

Totally Free Platform :

Blogger is popular among many youngsters as its free, so they create their own blog and maintain a kind personal identification. So Blogger is free to use you can create a blog share it with all your friends and even earn money with it through AdSense or affiliate programs like AdSense. But if you wanna go on custom domain name than you just have to pay a small amount like $10 for a year.

Easier to Use :

Blogger is extremely easy to use, you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to get into its blogging atmosphere. You simply create a blog by choosing a name and address and than start blogging right on the go. Whereas if you go with Wordpress than you need to own a hosting and a domain name to start with their services.

Awesomely Updated :

Now Blogger is not like updated regularly but when ever any update is out for it, it simply brings amazing features fro it like the last update brought a new kind of Blogger interface which is fast and more productive. Now you simply wait for sometimes and than check out what new features will Blogger be coming with.

Customizable :

Now in this case Wordpress is more customizable than Blogger as you have full hold + plugins support in Wordpress but whereas you have to edit HTML in Blogger and than customize it in the way you want, but I don’t think so that it’s a big task means I customized it and felt that its easier you can do using CSS and copying some scripts, no problem for me so I added this point too.

Owned By Google :

Simply everyone knows about Google, their services its number 1 position on Internet so you can trust it for your blog protection, speed and enhancements. You will only get premium Services, if anytime you feel something you can repost that thing out and than its solved within days so its amazing.

So here were 5 premium reasons I feel why you should stick with Blogger than Wordpress, I even know that there are plenty of reasons for Wordpress to stay high in the Blogging line but well you can figure out yourself than what you want a technical blog with huge knowledge on its basics or a simple blog with just drag and drop options.

Do comment below if you think I have written anything wrong please I am also a newbie blogger maybe I am using Blogger that’s why I am standing side of it, you might not be with all these points but its something everyone should be aware of so have fun guy’s and do comment.