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07 February 2012

Create Amazing Text Ascii Art in Many Different Fonts

Text Ascii Art are just a bunch of normal text joined together to bring a cool 3D design, its helpful in embedding into websites as it does not take any space and also reveal a good look. Well now in whatever way you wanna use it you can use this to create some cool 3D text designs. Patorjk brings Text Ascii Generator with many different fonts capability. So now you can create in like 100+ fonts.

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Text Ascii Generator comes with a nice options set which you can tweak to bring more appealing looks to your name. Like you can change fonts, alignment and much more.

text ascii generator

So as you will tweak your settings side by side you will see that preview window below is updating constantly, so whenever you will change font it will change it designs. So there are many fonts so it will be a headache for you to check all one by one so they also have another amazing option called “Test All” which automatically displays all fonts styles aligned one below one.

text ascii generator

So like this you will get the preview below your settings panel, they also have a option to save your text into a image file so just one click can convert this text file into an graphic file which you can import into your Photoshop or any other graphic designing software to manipulate it and bring more energy to it.

So now if you like it and you wanna create your own Text Ascii Desigsn than you can visit its Official Page and create some good Text Ascii Designs.