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30 November 2012

Create Amazingly Strong Passwords by Shifting Keys

passwordYou might be a big addict of using social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other online stuff like you can be a blogger and you do blogging on daily purpose so passwords are the thing which take you in to your own personal account, so if its compromised than you might lost many things like a good reputation on social networks if hacker simply uploads some nasty some on your account. Or he can also delete or misuse your blogging account.

Well but if you choose some good strong password than it will be really difficult for him to get your account and you can use it as you wanted too, so is their any good way you can make a much more secure and amazing password well yes today I just learned a new practical way of creating a more secure and memorable password using shift key technique.

Now what is this Shift Key Technique well in this you will simply type the key which is on the right of the original key your were going to press so if you want demo of this thing than below I have explained how HackingUniversity will typed with this Technique.

HackingUniversity > JsvlomhImobrtdyu

So if you check the above example you can see how we typed HackingUniversity with this technique we simply shifted one key to the right so its like when we have to press H we simply press the key which is on its right that J so this thing goes on and now with this stuff you can create some amazing strong passwords which you will remember + you can easily type.

So now I hope you understood this amazing technique and you will also follow it to create your own strong passwords, please comment below with some good password examples you will create with this technique.