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30 November 2012

Change your IP Address Instantly While Browsing Website

Everytime you connect to a website it simply scans the IP address you are coming from and hence your identity is exposed. Well there are many ways to hide from them like using a personal VPN server or even using the Hotspot Shield but another easy way I found was to use the NewIPNow.com and access any website with different IP’s anytime.

With NewIPNow.com you can easily switch between different IP’s and view that desired website, so your identity will be safe and you will be still using that website in a normal way.


With the free NewIPNow scheme you get access to 5 IP Addresses but if you need to access to some more awesome and premium ones you have to pay a little amount. Still its not a bad free scheme getting 5 IP Addresses to access any website changing your address instantly.

Now follow below steps to see how this stuff works.

  1. Visit NewIPNow.com
  2. Now just enter the web address you wanna access and choose the IP address you want to access it with.
  3. Now your website will load, now you will see a toolbar attached to it than allows you to change your IP address instantly for that particular webpage.
  4. Now just click the dropdown menu and choose any IP address you want to shift too.
  5. Now your website will load again and your IP address will be changed.