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07 November 2013

How to Download .APK Files from Play Store directly to PC

Update APK Downloader released there online version that really easy to be used as it does not need any device ID to be installed in order to download applications, so check 3 point mentioned below on how it exactly works.

If you ever wanted to download Android application directly from Android Play Store to PC, than we have something really interesting for you called “APK Downloader”, well it’s a simple chrome extension which allows you to download any application from Android Play Store right to your PC, well earlier when this extension was released it was soon taken down due to some privacy issues as it allowed you to download paid apps for free, but now that problem was fixed by the developer and now you can use this extension once again but you only get hands on free apps which is a good news.

Well if you wanted to use “APK Downloader” than there are some requirements for this extension to configure and run properly, so first you will need a device ID and your email address configures in this app so that it can fetch the access token and allow you to download the apps easily.

But after you have completed the above verification and device ID process then you can move forward and start using this extension and let me tell you it works great. So now lets get started.

#1. Getting Android Device ID for Verification Process

Well the first step is to get a working device ID well if you own a android based smartphone then its really to get one by installing a simple "Device ID" app or by dialing *#*#8255#*#* on your android phone, this will open up GTalk Service Monitor. Now you will see two things one JID that's your email and the other one would be Device ID so it will be like android-1234567890abcdef so the 1234567890abcdef is your device ID so make to note.

Well now some of you including me might not have a android smartphone well you do not need to worry I have posted an awesome tutorial that help you in getting your android device ID using Bluestacks app Player. So you can check this tutorial and get your working device ID.

#2. Installing & Using APK Downloader Extension

So now you have a working device ID by following steps mentioned above its time to install APK Downloader extension and get all those free Google Play apps downloaded to your windows pc easily.

  1. Download & Install APK downloader 2.0.0 chrome extension. (installing 3rd party extension in chrome is not easy check this tutorial) for more information on this app and other tuts you can visit the developers website [Link]
  2. apk-downloader-optionsSo now after your have downloaded and installed the extension it comes the verification part, so you will see a play store icon right click on it and choose options.
  3. Now you will be on the options page where you will see the Email, Password and Device ID fields.
  4. So now just enter your email address you have linked ton your Google Account and then your password, if you are suing 2 step verification then you will need to use app specific passwords.
  5. Now enter the the Device ID in the last field then you have gathered from above step, and press on Login.
  6. Now you will be logged in and you can ensure by seeing that Logout option. Now its time to test this application.
  7. So visit any free Google Play Store app link and press that APK Downloader Icon you see in the status bar.
  8. Now just wait and see how your download automatically starts.
  9. Now you won't see this icon on the paid android apps as I have mentioned it was removed earlier, but free apps are really easy to be downloaded.

#3. APK Downloader Online Version

Well this team has recently release the online version of APK Downloader that allows you to download .APK apps from the Google Play Store by just entering the app play link and the best part is that you do not even need any device ID to get the apps downloaded. So now just visit APK Downloader and enter the app play link and press the generate Download Link option.

Now just wait as the online version will grab the file and cache it and it will show you the direct download link in green color like in the below image. So click on that link and your download will start right away.


So guys that ends this awesome tutorial, well I think you got a grab on how you can easily download Google Store Apps directly to your Windows PC, well if you think really got you some freaking knowledge then do like and share it with your friends.

Well video tutorial coming soon so stay updated with this post as in few hours I will post video tutorial demonstrating this awesome app working.