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07 February 2012

How to View Disk Usage of your Hard Drive in Windows

If you have many files and directories on your hard drive and you want to visualize the exact space all these things are taking than WinDirStat short for (Windows Directory Statistics) is the software you wanna surely check out its easy graphical interface simply brings all the important information right in front of your eyes.

So after you will download and install the WinDirStat from below you will be presented by the screen to choose the drives you wanna scan either you can scan whole system or you can be specific. You will get screen like below to choose this options.

Windows directory statistics

So now just choose and than click on OK and your Hard Drive will be crawled by few Pac-mans that’s just animation the real work is just under process by this useful software. So after its done you will get a broad view like below displaying your all the drives + files and directories in it.

Windows directory statistics

So on the right hand top corner is the main Table Of Contents according to the type of file and extension. So you can see how much your movies are taking space and how much space does your software are taking on your Hard Drive.

Now the question is how this can be useful, well this can come into play when you are planning to change your Hard Disk and you have backup just the main contents of that Hard Drive so you can check out what is important and delete other crappy stuff.

If you like this software than you can get this from here, so now if you like this post than you share this with all your friends and also comment below if you believe I mistaken something above.