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09 February 2012

Now Easily Zoom Facebook Images with Mouse Hover

FB Photo Zoom is a nice chrome extension which enables Facebook photos zoom on just a mouse hover. It does not need any technical skills to be configured as its just install and enjoy type of extension. So as soon as you will install this extension you can visit Facebook and when ever you see any image you wanna get a broad view off than simply hover on that image and you would be able to do that really easily.

fb photo zoom demo

So you will not be able to see the mouse in the above image as its not captured during this shot their but I just hovered on the above small image and I got a bigger preview right on the side of it. So this extension works quit well and it also comes with a settings menu which you can tweak like below.

fb photo zoom settings

So as you can see its settings menu also contain one option saying Disable Facebook’s “Photo Theater” well I just tried it out but that option is not working so else everything just works fine so you can figure that out. So if you are interested in installing this extension than you can grab it from here and if you like do recommend this to all your friends.