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09 April 2016

Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

Internet Download Manager as we said is the best download manager right now available as compared to any other download manager like DAP, Microsoft Lightweight Download Manager, Orbit and many others. Its used to download files much faster hence accelerating downloads with this tool is quiet easy and automated. We even posted a nice tutorial on how you can download torrent files using IDM (Internet Download Manager) and even we hosted a nice IDM License Keys Giveaway that went pretty well, it will be refreshed again soon.

IDM Optimizer to boost IDM download speeds

Accelerate IDM Downloads using IDM Optimizer

Well now we just got our hands on IDM Optimizer, it’s a small utility which boosts your IDM speed by modifying some registry entries like it will change Connection Speed, Connection type, Max Connection Numbers and some other few entries. So this is what above kind of Window you will see when you will fire up the IDM Optimizer software. So it has a simple Maximize Now button which when clicked will popup a note to restart IDM so that it can take effect. Well you can see it also has a Restore Default button which will restore all the settings which IDM came with you can use that if you think that you are not getting good speeds.

Download IDM Optimizer for Windows for Free

This small tool is very effective and is provided for free, you can download the tool using the link below.

Download IDM Optimizer

After you have downloaded the IDM Optimizer using the above, then follow below steps to activate it and boost your IDM Downloads.

  1. Now make sure IDM is installed on your PC, as this tool will only optimize IDM if its physically present on your system.
  2. Now just fire up your IDM Optimizer and than you will see window like above just click on Maximize Now and you will get a note asking you to restart your IDM do that and once restart your PC.

That’s it now your IDM is boosted with speed, try to download any file and check out if speeds are good or not. If you want to restore your default settings than you can click on Restore Default.

That’s it guys now you have boosted your IDM with Speed, optimized it for faster downloads have fun, well all these settings could be tweaked manually but this one is the fastest and easiest way to bypass all that manual working, so hopefully this will work for you and will provide you some boosted speeds.