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09 April 2016

10 Best Tourist Spots and their Expectations vs. Reality

People love to stop doing their work and have a pause to refresh themselves by visiting some of the best tourist places around the world. They plan their adventure trip with their friends and make good plans for what they can do at the place they are visiting. Either they can be a adventure monkey or become passionate lover, watching the sunset and having some nice different cuisines.

top 10 tourist places expectation vs reality

Well whatever plans you make, whichever place you go, due to increasing population everything place is changing day by day and all those images you saw on google while searching for best places to visit in that place have a different reality then what you are expecting it to be, well we explore 10 top most tourist places that have changed alot and now you won’t find that peace of mind.

Top 10 Tourist Places that are Different then what you thought about them !

So lets start uncovering those top most tourist vacation spots or adventure based places that tourist love to visit that will totally different for you as what you have expected might not be the reality.

#1. Leaning Tower of PISA

Its a tilted freestanding bell tower in the Italian City of PISA, it got its tilt at the time of construction where the soft soil was found and it was completed so it was kept that way, but improved in the recent years.


#2. Rio De Janeiro Beach

A beach situated in Brazil is know for its vivid colors, from hotties to awesome beach culture, you can live life here forever, but these days its like a crowded MELA (a type of fair called MELA in Hindi).


#3. StoneHenge Rocks

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument of standing rocks in a RING Circle. An awesome place to visit for tourist.


#4. Gondola Ride in Venice

Planning for a romantic trip with a ride on Gondola in Venice, well whatever plans you might have in your minds of riding a Gondola with your love, having a wine and enjoying, there is a difference in expectation and the reality we have exposed below.


#5. TAJ Mahal India

TAJ Mahal in India is known more popularaly by its stories about an emperor who built this monument for his late Princess, well people from all over the world visit this place to pay respect and see why its the most astonishing said monument in the world.


#6. Santorini Island

Its a small place, with amazing small architecture, looks very beautiful and fascinating that it has become a HUB for tourists, but what they expect is not actually a reality.

santorini island

#7. Mount Everest Adventure

Adventure Freaks from all the world try atleast once in their lifespan to climb mount Everest and see the world from the tallest place in the world. Well you might be planning to be one and only person who might be climbing the Everest alone, but check below.


#8. Pyramids of GIZA

One of the three pyramids, it is the largest and oldest of them all, situated in Egypt and a very popular destination for the tourists, well you dream about something and what you get is below.


#9. The Great Wall of China

It was created as a fortifications around China to protect from raids by invaders, its a long structure with very tall walls, a place to visit, but don’t think that you might be able to run along.


#10. Maldives (Perfect Honeymoon Spot)

Maldives better known for its underwater coral life, well people all around the world, specially from India visit this place for their Honeymoon as there is no one to disturb expect long beaches but now a days garbage is being piled making the beach look dirty.


So guys these were the top 10 tourist places that people expect to be a heaven but in reality alot has changed in these years, well do like, share and subscribe to us for more updates in Future. You can even get email updates from us, just subscribe below and make sure to confirm the email to receive updates from us.