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26 January 2014

Transfer Data to your Android Device without any Cable

Lost your USB Cable, cramming to transfer some files urgently from your PC to your Android device, well now you can wirelessly transfer your data from PC to your Android device using a simple application called "Software Data Cable". Software Data Cable for Android simply lets you enjoy your Android Device transfers wirelessly. It simply installs on your device as a normal app and than gives you an IP address and a port number which you can insert in your browser URL field and than it will simply display all the contents of your media card right in your browsers screen from where you can simply transfer any kind of stuff.


Well now not only to PC or so but to any other device, you can easily share your stuff using this app. Now there are quit a number benefits of using this application, well you do not need to carry those bulky cable cords in order to transfer your data, you do not need to install any kind of drivers in your PC in order to use this application as it's a web based app and its works on any computer, you can easily extend your phone space using this application.

  1. Download and Install Software Data Cable (PRO) on your Android Device.
  2. After installing this application simply connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network that's connected to your computer.
  3. Now fire up your application and then you will see the IP Address and the Port number simply enter that address on your computer.
  4. Now your phone will be connected to your PC, now it will display your folders you can easily transfer your files from your PC to android device easily.

That's it now you can easily transfer your files from your PC to your Android device easily, well you can use this same technique for transferring your files from your android to other devices too, so guys have fun and enjoy this apps.