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25 January 2014

How to Spy anyone and Hear their Conversation Easily

spy-mobile-conversationYou might always search the web on how you can exactly spy on anyone easily and hear their conversation, maybe read their text messages and do pretty awesome things, well I posted about the super bluetooth hack that can be used in order to prank your friends but its not harmful hacking application as it needs access to work, but its fun way to prank your friends.

Things you will need ?

  1. Simple Cellphone.
  2. A nice pair of Headphones.
  3. Little Sharpness ;p
Well now obviously we will not be discussing about some paid expensive apps, tools and software's that are available in the market that might work, but we will be looking at a simple trick that can be attempted for free and can be very useful. SO now with this trick you do not need to invest any money on those expensive software's but a simple cellphone and a nice headphone will work fine.
  1. Plug in your headset/earphone into your mobile phone.
  2. Now go to settings of your mobile phone and find the setting for auto answer and activate it.
  3. Now turn off the ringtone/volume of your mobile phone also make sure that the vibration is also turned off.
  4. Also make sure that the lights of your phone are turned off or place it in such a place where its lights cannot be noticed.
  5. Place the mobile phone in some hidden place and make sure that voices of the room can be easily heard through this mobile phone.
  6. Now whenever you want to check what is going in the room just dial the mobile number with some other phone.
  7. Your phone will be picked automatically and you can hear clearly what’s happening in the room.

So now that's it now this involves little sharpness on how you manipulate the situation if you get caught, well that obviously depends on you. But this is a nice and easy way to spy on someone using simple cellphone and microphone.