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06 October 2014

How to Unfriend/Remove Facebook Friends in Bulk

facebook unfriend script

When someone officially joins facebook he loves to make new friends and get unknown ones by any means, he can try adding friends in bulk/mass using the invite trick we posted, well that adds many new friends, but many of those profiles are fake and even do not respond, then after sometimes they realize that its just a waste of time, so keeping small list of friends usually help in maintaining the interactions.

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How to Easily Unfriend Facebook Friends in Bulk

So today we will look at how you can easily undelete facebook friends in bulk without any problem. Well earlier we posted about the userscript that completed this work easily but now that script is not working and we will be using another script, injecting that directly into console will start the unfriending process.

Note I have not tested this script, but it was posted on a reliable site, so I hope this will work great, well make sure you really want to unfriend friends before using this script, as this process is not reversible.

  1. Open Facebook.com and Sign-In to your Account.
  2. Now copy the script from this [LINK]
  3. It's a big script, now after copying it, press F12 on your Facebook homepage.
  4. This will open up the Console tab on your browser.
  5. Just paste the script and press Enter
  6. Now wait till it completes the Unfriending Process.

That's it guys now you can easily unfriend all your friends in bulk on facebook without wasting your time clicking that Unfriend button on every single friends profile. Hope this works for you, so enjoy using this and do share this post with everyone.