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26 April 2012

Create Digital Signatures Online @ My Live Signature

my live signatureSignatures are the most important part of any confidential documents you use to send to your clients or a business firm, well but many times there are possibilities that the original person is not available for signing that form up so we have digital signatures that can be done by simply adding a signature image below the form. And this is hopefully being followed in many business as they have many form for signatures on daily basis so to make the work faster signatures are digitalized.

MyLiveSignature allows you to create your digital signature online right on their website and save that image on your PC for any time signaturing your forms. Well the process for creating signatures is really simple you just visit their website and start the process of creating signatures. You type your name, choose size and how much slope you want and that’s it you click on create your signatures and your have your digital signature ready for some action.

my live signature

So now you can use your signature right on MSWord by just adding a image below the form and aligning it out so that it fits perfect, after that click the print button and you have yoru digital forms ready.