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24 April 2012

Gmelius Adds Awesome Features to Gmail’s User Interface

gmelius logoGmelius is a browser extension for chrome which can make your GMail’s user interface much more functional. So obviously it’s the best email client so we need to make it more awesome by adding this amazing extension. Well Gmelius contains many options which you can configure out from its settings interface, the best think comes bundled in Gmelius is too remove all the advertisements from Gmail.

gmelius settings panel

So as you can see the settings panel for Gmelius, and all the settings and features you can configure are above. Well lifehacker has also created an awesome video demonstrating some of the best features of Gmelius which you can check out below.

So now you can install Gmelius extension from their official website and start adding some functionality to your Gmail user interface.

[Via - LifeHacker]