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10 January 2013

How to Skip or Bypass Adf.ly - Adfoc and Linkbucks Links

Adf.ly-LogoAdf.ly, Adfoc and Linkbucks are the URL shorteners that pays you when people browse your shortened links, they do pay and they are not a scam but the paying ratio is not good its like 1000 views for $1 in India, hmm maybe it pays huge for other countries but well all the shortened links are really annoying because when ever you visit any website and you click on their links than you have to wait like 5 sec and than you click on the Skip Ad Button, well but now if you wanna skip them automatically than we have few good ways for this thing.

Update Make sure to check this post on how to install 3rd party extensions in chrome as now you cannot install them directly. [Link]

#1. Using AdsFight! Userscript

Well if you use Chrome or Firefox than the best way to skip or bypass these links is to install a simple userscript called "AdsFight!", it’s a simple one time install bypasser which automatically skips links as soon as you click on them.

  • Installing AdsFight! on Chrome - Well if you are on chrome you can just install AdsFight! userscript directly, just hit the Install Button and enjoy bypassing links.
  • Installing AdsFight! on Firefox - If you use Firefox for browsing activities than first you have to install the Greasemonkey Addon and than install the same AdsFight! Userscript.

#2. Using Redirection Helper Userscript

Redirection is again somewhat same to what Adsfight! does, it also redirects your URL shortened links to the specific sites without clicking those spammy ads.

  • Installing Redirection Helper on Chrome – Well if you are on chrome you can easily install this RedirectionHelper extension.
  • Installing RedirectionHelper on Firefox – Well if you are on Firefox then you first need Greasemonkey installed and then install RedirectionHelper extension.

So these were the two methods that can be used for this job, well I think so the above 1 method is the best one as it just needs one time installation and works simply automated. Well try them out and use the one which you feel confortable with.