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08 January 2013

5 Awesome Tips for Making Good Money through Adf.ly


Adf.ly is an awesome online URL shortening and paying out service that works great for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can easily advertise their website to more traffic, views and side by side publishers get income to show ads on their website.

Now these ads are normal banner ads but skipping ads, so for few seconds you will see a banners and other website and than when you will click on Skip Ad you get to your website and you even earn money to click that stuff. So now basically it's a simple service and you will easily get to know when you will visit their website, so I have shared some 5 tips with which you will easily making some awesome bucks out of this service.

  1. Create and Share your Links on Facebook - Sharing links on Facebook means huge mass of people and huge clicks means bigger earnings, so this can be the best medium for bigger earnings at Adf.ly. So create your links now and post a status on something useful for people so that they click on your links and you get paid.

    Update Well now we have tried sharing Adf.ly links on Facebook but these links are blacklisted, so now Facebook do not allow you to share links and any Adf.ly name.

  2. Using Banner Method in Adf.ly - Now you might be thinking what I am saying means using Banner method will reduce your earnings because it pays less, but some people ignore the waiting time and they do not click on those links but if you will have the banner advertisement then there will be no waiting time else there will be just a small area covered by the Adf.ly link so that’s not bad because its paying you.
  3. Sharing Adf.ly links on Forums - Forums are one and only place where there is a huge audience after Facebook. Now people come give you links provide there links and exchanging goes on. So just upload some useful stuff and hide it behind the Adf.ly link and tell people to download if its really useful then they will download and you will earn money. So forums are the second best option to earn bigger with Adf.ly.
  4. Using Website Entry Script in Adf.ly - Now Adf.ly provides a great way for bloggers and website owners, if you own a website or Blog and you get a nice traffic than you need to check their website script which gets you money as soon as anyone loads your website, you might have checked this same script running on my website (now not) that as soon as you open my website you are promoted to SKIP AD, so this is the best way to earn more with Adf.ly so apply this thing just copy the below script right above </body> tag in your Edit HTML Section in Blogger.

    var adfly_id = xxxxxx;
    var adfly_advert = 'int';
    var frequency_cap = 5;
    var frequency_delay = 5;
    <script src="http://adf.ly/js/entry.js"></script>

    Modifying the above script

    Change the Red xxxxxx with your Adf.ly ID you can get that in your referral section.
    var frequency cap = 5 (How may times you wanna display AD)
    var frequency delay = 5 (After how many minutes it should appear)

  5. Using the Adf.ly referral Program - The referral program for Adf.ly is really impressive whenever someone joins through your link, 20% of his income will be your commission. Means its really great 20% means if your friend earns 1$ than you will get Rs. 10. Change the xxxxxx in code and that will be your Referral Code - http://adf.ly/?id=xxxxxx

So these were some of the best tips with which you can make bigger and good earnings with Adf.ly so try them out maybe they will make you happy. Now on the opposite side if you hate using Adf.ly you can try out this easy tutorial on bypassing these links easily.