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31 May 2012

10 Most Awesome Refreshing Pools in the World

Summer time is up and people rush for something that cooler for cooling their hotter bodies and making them totally relaxed, well you can obviously get something that might make your mood soothing but what about checking some awesome refreshing pools in the world which people are enjoying and maybe you could also if you make a visit @ those places. Also check out some most expensive stuff in the world.

1. Shaw House, Vancouver

Shaw House, Vancouver

Show House as the name suggest it’s a single person residence with all the luxurious necessities for a normal person, study room, music room and a refreshing pool which might even refresh you by just having a look at its unique design. Well this created as a ceiling for the roof and passes the sunlight in a very pleasant way. So would you like to live here for this summer.

2. Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort, Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort, Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens is a luxury resort in the heart of Bali, its hanging pool on the edge is used for relaxing and watching the opposite cliffs and the sun set, simple unbelievable.

3. Tangga House, Singapore

Tangga House, Singapore

Tangga House is another unique concept for border less pool and the garden making its maturity way on the roof of the house, well quit confusing but still would you by this out just comment below.

4. Nemo 33, Belgium

Nemo 33, Belgium

Nemo 33 as regarded as the deepest pool in the world is used for the Scuba Diving couses for its whooping 115 feet. It’s a unique creation in Belgium City, well now I am also plannign to go for a positive scuba diving course.

5. Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

This is another mega structure with a pleasant pool view right on its 55 stories. Well this hotel costed $6 Billion to build and now it’s a icon for all the tourist and customers.

6. Joule Hotel, Dallas

Joule Hotel, Dallas

This Joule Hotel used to be the Dallas National Bank but someone bought it and turned it into a hotel with this extruded pool concept hmm looks pretty nice but well what will happen if someone looks out side the mirror while swimming in, wanna check it out.

7. Main Pool Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

Main Pool Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

This is another man made mega structure located in Miyazaki, Japan its 300 meters by 100 meters covered with a covertable roof so anytime its raining this beach still can be enjoyed easily.

8. 232 West 15th Street, New york

232 West 15th Street, New york

This is a 18 feet pool which is 8 feet deep located right inside house in Manhattan, well its  a crazy kind of house decorated beautifully with all the amusement stuff around it.

9. Aquarium Pool Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Aquarium Pool Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Now swimming with fishes and sharks is risk free because with this aquarium and pool combination you can swim and enjoy all the fishes right with you but a border of glass.

10. San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool, Chile

San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool, Chile

This is the largest pool in the world which is 3323 feet long and at its peek its 11.5 feet deep. Well its located in Chile and you might wanna enjoy this one when you ever visit this place.

[via - gizmodo]