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07 June 2012

Create Killer Facebook Timeline Covers with these Websites

Facebook Timeline is the one way to spread a nice message or display your creative skills, making it more awesome can be a little problem for the people who are not aware of the xact sizes and other stuff for creating their own personal timeline cover. Well we have already posted about TrickedOutTimeline for creating some freaky timeline covers you can check that too but we have also grabbed a list of few other websites with which you can create some killer pages on the go, the list is not too big just 4-5 websites but still really good to memorize so that it can help you in future.

facebook timeline cover

1. Coverize.me

Coverize.me has a good collection of timeline covers in their database so you can just browse their website pick up the one you like and start customizing your facebook profile.

2. Cover Junction

Cover Junction is another best place for high quality facebook timeline covers online, as said on their website Cover Junction is the place for creating, sharing and discovering high quality facebook covers online.

3. Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline Cover Banner gives you a lot easir options for awesome customizations, you can write on the images, add some cool graphics and create collages out of your images for your facebook timeline cover. They mention that it’s the best place for creating fun and business covers online.

4. Face Coverz

The best thing about Face Coverz is that they are providing a list of covers aranged in categories from A-Z or in any modern names like you can choose Fun and Horror :) I mean its bit simple for easier searching.

So here you go with few websites we got into our knowledge that will help you in creating a good and impressive facebook timeline cover, if you have more sites do comment below we will post those websites too updating this post and giving credit to you.