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24 July 2012

10 Smart Tips and Tricks for this Awesome Summer Season

Summer Season as usual is considered as the best season ever, people have many plans to cover up with their families, enjoying with their friends and doing much more. But summer season also brings a lot of problems like the major one warmth and many more problems. Well we have found 10 awesome tips and tricks you can attempt in this summer season.

  1. Keeping Dryer Sheet in Pocket to keep Bugs Away : Summer means birth of many annoying bugs which can ruin your night experience, well the solution for this problem n normal way is to spray out the bug spray and that leaves a bad smell. Well the easy way is to keep a Dryer Sheet in your pocket whose smell will keep bugs away from you.
  2. Sprinkle Baking Soda in Sweaty Shoes : It occurs many times that you wear shoes without wearing socks and this ends up with messy sweaty shoes, well a simple solution to remove smell odor from these shoes to sprinkle baking soda in your shoes which will absorb all that odor. You can also pack it into a handkerchief so that sods does not mess up spreading in your whole shoes.
  3. Trapping Flies with Apple Cider Vinegar : Some fruits usually bring flies with them as you might have seen, in India I think Mangoes and Litchis are the fruits with most flies attached to them, well if you wanna get rid of them just add apple cider vinegar to a jar which should have holes on its lid, so now the smell of that vinegar will get rid of all those files in seconds.
  4. Cooling Sunburn with White Vinegar : Seating on the beach or doing any other hard work can give you a sunburn well you can now cool that sunburn down by applying white vinegar on it in small amount.
  5. Coat Feet with Petroleum Jelly & Cover with Socks at Bedtime : Applying this trick will keep your feet soft and sandal and make them ready for summer time. You can also apply it onto your elbows and knees for keeping them ready for summer outfits.
  6. Mixing Cola with Ketchup for Barbeque Sauce : If Barbeque Sauce is not available in your house than just add a can of cola to tomato ketchup sauce, thin it out and add sweetness according to your needs. Now you can brush chicken with it at last stages to avoid burning.
  7. Using Conditioner to Shave Legs : Have you forgotten your shaving cream or its not available no problem because you can use conditioner to shave your legs easily as they make your hair smooth and silky.
  8.  Apply Coconut Oil to Bee Stings & Bug Bites : If you get any bee stings and bug bites you can apply coconut oil over it which has anti-inflammatory properties in it so that will surely recover your bites.
  9. Using Straw as Strawberry Huller : We have already covered this one in our earlier post, well you can use straws as good strawberry huller tool. Making a perfect shape out of strawberry, straws can be used perfectly.
  10. Using Cupcakes Papers to Cover Drinks : Sitting outside in the garden and enjoying any occasion can surely attract bugs towards your drink, well you can use cupcakes papers over them and drill a small hole into it and insert a straw in it and start your party bug free.

Via - Summernannyjobs