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02 January 2013

Way2SMS Desktop Client 4.3 by Arun Sankar Download Now

Update This is an old post but this post has been updated with new version 4.3 which is the latest version, Download it from below.

Way2SMS is regarded as a best online free messaging website in India with an alexa rank of 47 in India and people enjoy sitting on this website and sending messages to all their friends all over India. Well now obviously to send sms you need to visit their online website and sign in to yoru account every time you wanna process a sms request. Well but now with the help of great developer Mr. Arun Sankar we can use the same service right from our desktop suing Way2SMS Desktop Client.


Way2SMS Desktop Client comes equipped with every single feature you will get on their official website. You have the login option where you can enter your mobile number and password and you can also choose the save option so that every time you do not need to sign in to your account.

Now if you wanna import all your contacts from Way2SMS Website than that’s also easy as you just need to select Contacts > Import from Way2SMS or Windows Directory depends on you. You can add contacts manually using its Add Contact option. Now sending sms is easy you just need to enter the mobile number or choose any contact and than enter your message and click on Send and within seconds your message will be delivered.
So now just download this desktop client and start sending some lovely messages to all your friends :)

Requirement This client requires .Net Framework to be installed in your pc.