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31 August 2012

How to Optimize Gmail for Slower Internet Connection

gmail logoGmail being the most popular email client is popular among people all over the world surfing from pc, mobile, tablets and other browsing devices. Every person does not have proper internet connection installed or maybe they have some lower plans and hence speeds are slow. So if you want to use Gmail on slower internet connection we have some nice tips for you to optimize your Gmail experience.

  1. Reducing Conversations :: Conversations are regarded as the mails displayed on the mail page of your Gmail, by default its set to 50 mails per page but you can change it anything else I recommend 20 mails per page.
  2. Login to Older Version :: Google has reinvented Gmail’s user interface making it much more fast and easy to use but still the older version is much more fast and stable so you do have to permanently change it in settings but just using a simple link you can login to older Gmail version.
  3. Turn Off Keyboard Shortcuts :: If your keyboard shortcuts are enabled than Gmail will normally check for keyboard stokes when ever you login to your account, but you can make it off to gain some more speeds. You can navigate to settings > general > keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Disable Web Clips :: Web clips are the sponsored headlines Gmail has taken from all over the web as advertisements. Well you can easily off web clips by navigating to settings > web clips, unmark show my web clips.
  5. Using Mobile Version :: Mobile version is optimized for mobiles smoother experience, well it does not include any flash or other heavy stuff so you can use the mobile version on pc for faster and smoother experience. You can go to url http://m.gmail.com from you pc and enjoy faster version.
  6. Skipping Browser Check :: Gmail normally checks for the browser being used so you can skip that check by simply visiting http://mail.google.com/gmail?nocheckbrowser.
  7. Disable Labs Feature :: Gmail's labs feature provides beta functions to be tested by normal persons easily by just enabling it from labs. I have posted about preview pane feature that’s you can check out but f you wanna turn off the labs there’s an easy way buy just using this link http://mail.google.com/mail/?labs=0.
  8. Using Desktop Client :: Using desktop client like Thunderbird or Outlook can surely increase the speeds of your email activity as all the older emails are saved locally and new ones automatically get cached to it so you do no need to browse Gmail everytime you have to check your mail.
  9. Using Desktop Notifications :: Gmail officially provides desktop notifications which you can enable by going to settings > general > notifications.
  10. Using Fast Web Browser :: Using a good and renowned web browser like Chrome can be a good option to give a boost to your overall internet activity.