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11 November 2012

{DIY} How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive Easily

You might be using a good memory hard drive for storing out your important data, movies, office files and many other stuff, but many times it happens that your hard drive gets corrupted in form of its life going to be end, well if that’s the case and you have left with some last minutes for recovering your data before it simply goes black out than we have a simple freezing out idea which will surely help you in recovering your data from your dead hard drive.

hard drive in freezer

Freezing your hard drive surely increases its lifetime but you do not have to freeze it and than attach it but the trick you are going to use here is to putting your hard drive in a leak free water bag obviously without any water in it and than keeping it in the refrigerator with cables attached and than starting your recovery process this will increase your maximum time for recovery process.

Hopefully this will allow you to recover all your data from your hard drive and transfer it successfully to your new drive. Via - hacknmod