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27 October 2012

7 Important Pages you Must Have if you Own a Blog or Website

If someone own’s a blog than basically he concentrates on the content he has to provide to his worthy readers who are coming daily to see insights and gain some knowledge. But side by side pages also have some greater importance as it makes a certain topic very understandable and unique with its different linked up URL, well so we have 7 most important pages a person must have on his blog or website.

  1. Contact Page :: Its like a reception on your blog where people can come and put some query for you to solve out or answer. Its really necessary for you to have a contact page so that your readers can contact you directly.
  2. About Page :: simply give some insight about the author or the main background about the blog they have landed on. You can add some important details like who is behind this blog and what the exact motto behind creating this blog.
  3. Advertisement Page :: Now if you are obviously not providing your services for free than this page can lend you some advertisers or sponsors who wanna patch up their advertisement contract with your website so this page can show them statistics about your  blogs rank, visitors and other traffic figures.
  4. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page :: is necessary of you want some specific questions answered for every one right in one go. So you can add that question with an appropriate answer so that he can just land on your FAQ page and check it out.
  5. Guest Blogging Page :: Now you are not a GOD and you need some helping hands to take your blog to heights with guest blogging page you can hire up some blogger who wanna write for your blog in exchange of a backlink or money as decided by you.
  6. Privacy Policy Page :: Privacy Policy page indicated that how you take care of your visitors information, everything related to privacy is indicated right on this page.
  7. Disclaimer Page :: This page is pretty much same as Privacy one but you can opt for a specific page too. You can every little detail about how you work transparently on your blog and where your earned money goes.

So basically these are the 7 important pages you should have on your blog to meet special requirements, but it can go upto as many as you want according to your preference. You can some more important page too do comment if you think some more pages can top up this list too, I surely consider them too. via - bloggingtips