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20 October 2012

How to Check iPhone’s Factory Lock Status Unlocked or Not

This might be question that arises when ever anyone purchases a new or an old iPhone as Apple usually usually sell their devices with contact based system so you purchase your device with contract bundled with it and you are bond to use only one network sim. So people usually jailbreak their device to get other sim cards work on their device but everytime its not sure that we are going to receive jailbreak for every firmware released by iPhone so its better to go with the factory unlocked iPhone so that we do not have any problem using any sim card. So now if you are the one who wanna know how exactly you can check if the iPhone you are suing is factory unlocked or not than we have a simple online tool that can do this job easily.

Check iPhone’s Sim Lock Status Online

iPhoneOX.com provides an easy online solution to check status of your iPhone using your IMEI number you get for every device. By just entering your IMEI number you will get every possible technical information about your iDevice. Like you will see your model number, support and warranty time left, activation status, registration status, and sim card lock status that the most important thing you have to see.


So as you can see in the above image I just entered my IMEI number and got all the information which is pretty handy if you are just going to purchase a second hand device or you just wanna know for general knowledge. So just follow below steps on how you can check your iPhone lock status.

  1. Just visit iPhoneOX.com
  2. Now enter your device IMEI number you can get that by going to Settings > General > About, now scroll down and check the IMEI field.
  3. That’s the 15 digit number you need to enter and press Check!
  4. Now it will process your number and show you the status for free.

So now I think this tool will be pretty handy for any consumer who is purchasing a second hand device or for the first time buyers too.