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19 October 2012

How to Quickly Disable Internet Connection on your Computer

Internet has revolutionized our lives providing a way for people to work and get in contact with people all over the world, but basically its merely used for social networking purpose for than any business kind of use. So everyday tasks might not get done if you get busy working on internet and doing some stuff online, well the only way is too disable out your internet connection so that you can complete your other work easily. Mr. Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration suggests a way that will simply toggle your Network Adapter status hence disabling it and after wards enabling it again.


He suggests a .bat file that can be used to easily toggle your Network Adapter without going into deep control panel settings. A simple file that once clicked will disable the internet connection and when you click it again it will again enable it and start your internet.

So anytime you feel like you wanna get rid off the internet fro sometime and wanna complete out the work left by you than just use this Toggle-Internet.bat file and run it as an administrator. Now as soon as you run it it will disable your internet connection.

Now afterwards if you wanna get back your internet connection simply run it again as an administrator. It will start your internet connection again. If you wanna do this this manually than you can navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet > View Network Status > Change Adapter Settings.

So I hope this will surely help you in getting your internet off, thanks to Amit Sir for this file and do share this post if you like it.