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12 October 2012

Detect & Control Webpages from Tracking your Online Info

Facebook, Google, Twitter and many other online resources do provide us a way to make out online experience much more fun but side by side these all websites try to track out some personal information using our online activity. Well this might not be good so using some firewall kind of stuff can solve out our problem, well we found an interesting extension called "Ghostery" that does this job quit perfectly.


Ghostery simply blocks all the tracking websites and also allow you to check out their sources of generation. You can individually disallow some websites to not track out your information or you can disallow all of them at once. So overall it’s a good extension and can be very useful in many ways.

Ghostery is available for free mainly for every browser you can just visit their website and download their extension for free. You can also get more information on this extension right on their website have fun and enjoy.