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10 October 2012

Encrypt your HTML Codes & Protect them from Getting Copied

HTML is the language used to compose the overall design of any website, in collaboration with many other objects the whole thing can take up a lot of time and hard work for some nice ray of success. Web designers charge like hell when they come up designing a good website for their customers and hence small publishers simply sniff out the juice from that hard work and use the whole copyrighted stuff for free, well obviously we have many mediums to stop online theft but still some leaks can spoil everything so today I just came across an awesome web tool website that provides many tools for free and one came up to be the useful one called "HTML Encrypter" that simply encrypts the HTML codes and transforms it into a JavaScript with un-recognizable characters.


So now as you can see in the above image how I just added few HTML codes and when I just encrypted them I got some JavaScript codes that’s not recognizable by anyone. So that leaves a shield of protection on your codes and protects them from getting copied by small ugly publishers.

How to Use HTML Encrypter for Encrypting Codes ::

Well using this encrypter is really easy and does not include any technical knowledge about HTML or JavaScript, your work is just too add your piece of code and click a small button to encrypt the whole code and boom enjoy the new code on your website that’s not recognizable.

  1. Visit HTML Encrypter’s Website.
  2. Now you will see something like above image, now just add your HTML code into first field and press Encrypt!
  3. Now your code will be converted into some numeric numbers and percentage digits, that’s your new code just copy that code and paste it where your earlier code was pasted.
  4. Now your object will be displayed same as earlier but now they are protected.

Why and When to Use HTML Encrypter ::

HTML Encrypter is obviously a good way to protect your codes but side by side you should not forget that this transforms your normal HTML codes into a JavaScript code that can add another load to your websites load time, so the more code you encrypt the more you add load time to your website. So only use this for few widgets those are really meant to be protected.