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08 October 2012

How to Install 3rd Party Extensions in Chrome Browser

Chrome has recently added another firewall to their extensions installation, well now you cannot install extensions and JavaScript files directly if its not from the official chrome web store. Well but still there is an easy way to install those extensions which is still available for everyone installing 3rd party extension. Usually now if you install any extension from 3rd party websites you will see a yellow error ribbon in chrome somewhat like below.


There can be many website but usually people downloads extension and apps from the most popular UserScripts.org that contains valuable time saving extensions for chrome and firefox. So if you are one of those people who wanna install those apps and extensions from UserScripts.org than check out below steps, well these will work for other website also.

Install UserScripts or Other Extensions in Chrome

  1. Well first off all visit UserScripts.org and search for your extension, if you found one just click on it and press Install.
  2. Now that extension will start downloading and as soon as its downloaded it will popup that yellow bar like in the above image.
  3. Now you just need to navigate to Settings > Tools > Extensions, and drag the downloaded extension onto this page.

  4. Now as soon as you drag that extension you will see another popup asking you to Add or Cancel just click on Add and your extension will be added successfully.