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04 October 2012

11 Odd Ways to Become The Worst Facebook Friend Ever

word-facebook-friendJilted or Ditched by the a lover, or you find someone’s face too much ugly, well you can follow out below 11 odd ways and becoming a nightmare for his online facebook world. These below tips and methods are tested out by many people and comes handy when you seriously wanna play hard ball with someone you really hate. via - tn

Let me tell you these methods are for some serious fun, do not use them like an ass hole and ruin his/her profile like shit, everything in a limit looks cool so have fun.

  1. Adding all friends from their profile :: well what about adding his or her uncle and aunt that really dear to them, well and what about adding their girlfriends or boyfriends that will surely prove you to be the worst friend.
  2. Like every status (Painful ones too) :: liking every single activity can be not good like what if they added a status like for their broken leg or anything and you like it out, man this will surely boost them up.
  3. Rude Comments on Pictures :: just comment on their personal images like hey your hips are visible they are stiffed up dude. So anything like frustrating but not boiling their temperature.
  4. Petition for any Facebook Changes :: just ask, comment and poke them about the new changes facebook brought in, tell them hey facebook just changed the upper bar now what do you think about it.
  5. Commenting on their Baby Pictures :: well browse their images and if you find one with some lollipops in their mouths just comment hey licking is good muhahahh.
  6. Thanking them for Teaching you Terrorism :: just for fun you can thank them out about hey thanks for teaching me how to shoot on innocent people.
  7. Sending Invitations for Events to Location Unreachable :: well this is fun facebook has an option to send invitations for events to your friends so that they can catch you up, so send them for some location far away from their physical location.
  8. Tagging them in Videos with your Ass :: do you have some funny videos with your ass juggling up every one second just tag them up so that when they watch it they get amazed.
  9. Like and Unlike their Updates for Extreme Notifications :: liking and unliking their status updates will leave notifications in Bulk hence they will get frustrated.
  10. Leave some nasty status update watchable only by them :: update something like hey you mas******** in your own cloths and than just change the privacy to only their name [Link]
  11. Poke and Message them about your status :: just poke them up and message them asking if they got your Poke, or ask them to like your status or just comment on it for God sake.