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17 October 2012

How to Regain Access to your Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook hacking and sniffing account details is a common task these days, hackers usually crack accounts to get some sensitive data and use that for wrong purposes. If you are the one whose account has been recently compromised than facebook provides an official way which you can use to regain access to your hacked account. Possibly if you succeed in crossing their steps with right answers than you will surely get back your account credentials or maybe able to setup new ones.


  1. Visit http://www.facebook.com/hacked, it’s a account recovery page that will walk you through the process of recovery.
  2. Now right over here you will message like above just click on My Account Is Compromised, and they will take you to another page asking you to identify yourself.
  3. Now just enter your email or phone number or simply your easy username. You can also enter your name and your friends name for easy searching.

  4. Now after you make a search you will get some suggestions just check one’s that’s your and press this Is My Account.

  5. Now facebook will simply ask you to enter the Current or Old Password, if your account was compromised than surely your new password will be changed so enter the current if that does not work than try to enter the old one which you changed earlier.

  6. That’s it now if your old password is accepted than you will have option to get your reset code on your mobile or emailed to you.
  7. Now you can enter up your new password and tweak up your security to the optimum level. You might also wanna report for any phishing attack you recently figured out.
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