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30 November 2012

Now you can Send Bigger Files upto 10Gb using Gmail

Google’s email service has always been a charm to all business firms and other individuals, you can email, chat, send files and do much more with their service. But obviously Gmail has some limitations on sending files and that was you cannot send files bigger than 25Mb in Gmail but now after the introduction of Google Drive, google just introduced a way to send bigger files upto 25GB to anyone using Gmail and drive combination.

Now with the new compose window introduced by Gmail there is an option of attaching a file that will be uploaded in your drive account and than it can be shared with anyone having rights to view your drive. Now you can check below steps to get this thing done.

  1. gmail-drive-uploadVisit Gmail > Compose.
  2. Now hover over the + icon and click on the Insert files using drive option.
  3. Now just drag or choose files from your pc and than your files will be uploaded.
  4. Now just add the recipient and send that email, now as soon as you will send email you will Gmail will check for permissions for drive, if it asks for access just click on grant access, so that other person can see and receive your files.