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23 November 2012

How to Play Online Streaming Videos inside VLC Media Player

If you are a big fan of VLC and you just love its features and some awesome tricks that can manipulate the whole experience on VLC than this tutorial is just for you as now you can play any online streaming videos in VLC Media Player and you can even use all those amazing VLC features on YouTube videos and make your experience awesome.

With VLC Network Protocol feature you can play almost any online video easily. You just need to have appropriate link to that video and your video will start playing. Now you can use this trick to play YouTube videos, any other streaming video websites can also be played using this trick.


Now you just need to follow below steps and you will be ready to play any video streaming online right inside your VLC Media Player.

  1. Open any video streaming website and copy the video link you want to play.
  2. Now open VLC Media Player and press Ctrl + N to open Network Protocol option.
  3. Now paste the link like in the above image and press Play.
  4. Now your video will start playing and you can use all those awesome VLC feature here, like changing video speeds and much more.

So now enjoy this awesome trick and do share this post with all your friends, if you find any problems regarding this do comment so that I can fix it out.