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25 November 2012

Easily Schedule Birthday Wishes for Friends on Facebook

Everyone is born with charm and a date bond to his identity as his birth day that we and all people over the world celebrate as birthday. Well wishing someone greets him and make him happy that there is someone in this world who loves and care’s for him, but obviously we have a lot of friends and more friends mean a lot of memorizing power to capture their dates.


So now to overcome this problem facebook helps us to know if anyone has a birthday and even allows us to write on their walls wishing them with some good greetings. Now obviously we do not have 34- 40 friends that we can remember on facebook and so we may bypass wishing everyone birthday.

Well to overcome this problem BirthdayFB.com provides you an easy way to schedule your wishes on facebook for your dear ones. We even posted a chrome extension that did the same wishing friends automatically but it was terminated.

BirthdayFB.com simply uses your data from facebook and scans out the near birthday dates, and simply allows you to schedule any of your message that will be posted right on the day of your friends birthday.

So now if you think this tool is awesome and may solve your manual birthday wishing problem, than you should jump in to below tutorial and schedule your messages too.

  1. Visit http://birthdayfb.com and press Connect.
  2. Now Sign In to your Facebook account and grant this app permissions.

  3. Well this app will just access your data, and will post on your behalf, so if you think its OK to your just click Allow like in the above image.
  4. birthdayfb.comNow you will be taken to the page where your friends will be listed now just type a message or your can choose from some pre listed ones and press on Save.
  5. Now your message will be saved and will be automatically posted on their birthday.
  6. Now you can even see all the friends and direct option to message them by going to Message option.
  7. You can also see all the upcoming birthdays right below your name mentioned on that website.

So now overall I think this website or online tool will surely be a helpful hand for your overall Facebook experience. Your friends will not even know that you wished them or your wish was scheduled a way back. So use it and do comment if you find any problems using this tool.