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05 January 2013

Draw Creative Paintings Online with 20 Different Styles


If you love painting various projects or sceneries than it’s a challenging time for you to get creative online and start making some nice draws with Bonomo.com. It simply provides you with a canvas on which you can draw according to your mood but with their own specified styles. Well the thing is that its not a normal painting process but there styles have motion in them so its pretty much difficult to design your own stuff, but with their 20 styles you will surely make some awesome.

bonomo.comNow you even have the option to download what ever you have drawn on your canvas with low and high quality options. But after your have downloaded your stuff make sure to rename your download to .png as then only you will be able to open your drawings.

So have fun creating some designs and sharing them with your friends, if you find any problem using this tool do comment.