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28 January 2013

How to Pay BSNL Landline & Broadband Bill Online

Well if you are from India, then possibility is that you might be using BSNL broadband service for your all Internet activities, as its much more economical then any other internet service in India. So with its landline and broadband in combination its not the best option but still its works good and its cheap too, so people using it has too normally line up in queues every month to pay its bill. And due to more public the queues are long and we have to wait for hours in line for our turn to come.

Now if you are normally related to internet line then you might be holding a debit card or credit card for online shopping, well you are lucky that this company even provides an easy way to pay our bills online easily.

Pay BSNL Bills Online without Registration

Well the best thing I liked about BSNL is that they do not have any login or signup page for online transaction you just need to enter your all details from phone number to account number you are assigned with your landline number and that's it it will display your details and amount you need to pay.

So now check out below easy steps for paying your bills online easily.

  1. Visit BSNL Online Payment Portal website.
  2. Now enter details like landline number, account number, mobile number and your valid email DI that will receive receipt for your payment. (you can get your account number from your BSNL Bill you received, check top image)
  3. Now hit Submit Button to process your request.
  4. Now your request will be processed and you will be taken to the page where you will see every detail about your account, name, amount details and other stuff.
  5. Just check if account matches your account and then choose the method of payment.
  6. Now you will see a popup just press OK.
  7. So now you will be taken to the payment page where you will be asked to choose Debit Card, Credit Card or whatever you wanna choose just select that, I chose Debit Card as my payment method and got bank names like below.
  8. So now just choose your bank name and click on Submit.
  9. bsnl-billing-recieptNow you will be taken to the billdesk secure server website where you need to enter your debit card details, so enter everything and click Process.
  10. So now you can easily process your payment, now after your payment has been received you will get the receipt that will be mailed to you too.
  11. So now you can print this receipt too for your personal record.
  12. That's it, your bill has been paid without even standing in any queues and wasting your time.