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28 January 2013

How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails in your Gmail


Come on admit this thing that you receive more spam emails than the genuine one's on your daily basis, normally this has become a trade in online world that people get mails asking them to sign up fro some service fro receiving a bonus of $1,00,000000 whoops how many zero's have I added, well yes that what the case and all the people who are new to this online email world normally click on those spammy offers and struggle with their hacked account.

So these are nothing but spammers who are just trying to crack down your account to get your precious account credentials, so normally whatever emails you receive in your spam box are identifies as spams as Gmail's inbuilt filter thinks, so it is always recommended that you should no attempt to open any email you receive in you spam folder.

And it is recommended that you can should delete all those mails to play safe game in future, so now checking everyday that spam folder and deleting those mails is pretty complicated well what if we can make this process automatic and all those mails you receive in your spam folder gets deleted by its own, well obviously this thing has a drawback that if you sometimes receive some important email that will also get into the trash can but still for safe side this process should be attempted.

  1. no-spam-filterVisit Gmail –> Settings –> Filters –> Create New Filter.
  2. Now you will see a dialog asking you to identify what kind of mails should be filtered out before it gets delivered to your inbox.
  3. Well now just add in:spam in the "Has the Words" dialog, and press Create New Filer, now you might see a popup, just press OK.
  4. Now your New Filter is created just choose the options what you would like to do with those emails.
  5. Well you can do many things like forwarding those emails to some cyber expert fro analysis by adding his address or if you wanna delete it just tick the Delete It option and mark Also Apply this Filter.
  6. Now your filter is created and every email you receive in your Spam Folder will be deleted automatically.

So now there is not need to manually visit that Spam Folder and delete those ugly mails, you can anytime remove this filter by visiting your filters tab in Gmail settings :)