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19 February 2013

Now Play Puzzle Game with your Videos Playing in VLC


My earlier posted trick fro VLC shows how you can watch your desktop screen inside it but today I want to show you another official trick on playing puzzle game with your videos playing right inside your VLC Media Player. Now this is a official trick and configure the puzzle according to your wish, so now just check out below steps and play.

  1. tools-effectsOpen VLC Media Player.
  2. Now load any video or movie file.
  3. Now Navigate to Tools –> Effect & Filters –> Video Effects –> Geometry.
  4. Now you will see few options with the Puzzle One on the bottom right hand side.
  5. Just tick mark it and make sure to tick the Black Slot option too.
  6. Now just press close and see your video files it will be converted into an awesome puzzle game, so now you can play it with your mouse and you can jumble up everything.