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19 February 2013

10 Must Have Important Software's for Gaming Freak's

Games have changed the way people used to interact with their PC, now it has obviously become a prime objective for getting a hardcore PC specifications so that anyone could be ready for awesome future updates, so now obviously people would be waiting for GTA V launch that's postponed till Sep 2013 but let me tell you one thing that game is going to be hardcode and to play that you need have perfect set of software's.


So now I have analyzed 10 software's that are important and must have by the gaming geeks. So now before any future game launches make sure you are ready for it. Check the full list with link's to download them directly.

  1. DirectX – is the most essential software or utility what every you call but its needed by maximum new generation games, so normally when ever you download and get any new game it comes with a DirectX bundle packed in it so that it can automatically install it if you do not have it on your system.
  2. Visual C++ Package – this package install components required to run the games developed using Visual C++ program. So its mostly required in the Windows XP OS.
  3. .Net Framework – is a software framework developed by Microsoft implementing large language library. So its really needed by games using coded languages.
  4. Game Booster – is a software that you can use to boost your game experience by disabling other running apps and giving more space to your game, well I have posted a detailed article on it with download links you can check that out.
  5. Fraps – is a screen capturing software to be precise for recording all your gaming videos and getting high quality screenshots. So it's a must software for any one who reviews the upcoming games, so you can download the trial version and create awesome videos. So you can even check out the demo video for street fighter created with Fraps.
  6. MSI Afterburner – simple utility for overclocking your Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards. So it even has that voltage settings for maintaining the overclocking procedure.
  7. DAEMON Tools – is a tool providing optical media emulation in an awesome way, so now if you have downloaded your game digitally then using this easy tool you can mount that game as if you have inserted a CD and then install it out. Another free alternate to this one is Virtual Clone Drive.
  8. Raptr – is another cool messaging client for gamers, that easily attached to AIM or MSN and it even hooks up with your steam account and provides with all those awesome notifications abut what your friends are currently playing.
  9. WinRAR – is a compressing utility that can be useful to extract or unzip any packed files you have downloaded, so I will recommend it if you are a digital downloader.
  10. Ventrilo – is a voice chatting system that can be used to morph your voice when ever your chatting gaming, so its pretty fun and really useful app.