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02 February 2013

How to Record Video and Voice Calls made on Skype

free-skype-calls-recorderAs I have mentioned in my earlier posts Skype is the best way to connect with all your friends together and with that unlimited calling scheme officially introduced by skype its much more easier t stay connected and play pranks on skype by changing voice pitch and confusing your friends. Well now comes the security post on how you can record the calls made on skype, so it can be necessary if you just want to have some confidential talk and you want it to be recorded for future proof or anything.

So now a free video calls recorder by DVD Video Soft comes into play that can do both works all together or separately. So you can record video calls for the parties or you can go for one side recording depends on you, you can even go for only voice recordings.

Well now the best part is its simple user interface, so nothing is much complicated but you have simple option to record and even select the folder where you want to save all the data. Its CPU Usage consumption is even low as its just a small software.

Its creates .mp4 format for videos you save and .mp3 format for all the voice recordings. So its dam easy to be used just click on the record button and that starts your recording, you can even pause the recording if you do not want to record some moments.