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12 March 2013

9 Pranking Tool's Set for Ultimate Desktop Destroying Fun


So do you love to play some pranks with your friends, like everyone do even Google plays with us when its really some nice fooling occasion and I have even posted many more articles on little pranks like Rediff local ads prank, inverted mouse prank and much more you can make a search with prank keyword on our website to more pranking tricks. Well this is another edition to those pranking stuff, this will allow you to destroy your desktop using 9 awesome scary tools. So you bullet out it, chain saw it and even burn it through laser machines. So you can destroy your desktop in an awesome way.


So you can see from the above screenshot how my desktop was totally damaged using these awesome pranking tool's, now this is just fake and it only adds a destroying layer over your desktop so you can hard it and then press esc to get rid of this tool. So now its your time to give this tool a try, so check below steps and lets get started.

  1. Download Prank-Tools.zip file.
  2. Now you need to extract this little .zip package.
  3. Now you will see prank-tools.exe file, just double click on it.
  4. Now you will see to click anywhere in that window to start this tool.
  5. Now you will see a hammer moving with your mouse you click to smash your screen.
  6. Now you can shift tool by pressing key's F1 to F9
  7. So now play and have fun when you are done just press Esc Key.

So that's it now you can prank your friends by using this tool on their PC, so have fun and if you face any problem do comment I would surely help you out.