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13 March 2013

Cheat: Subway Surfer's Hack for Unlimited Coins & Upgrades


Subway Surfer's is ruling the Android and iOS gaming platform, people are just trying to explore the depth of this game, its environment, gaming skills, power up's and awesome upgrades have made this game a top level companion of Temple Run 2, so people are even in search of some cheats so that they can easily get new upgrades easier and faster. Well I have already posted on how you can hack your Temple Run 2 game for unlimited coins and upgrades but today I would be showing you how you can hack your subway surfer's and get all those heavy coins and upgrades for free.

So now using few files you can easily cheat out your Android and iOS version, so I will be explaining below for both devices, so jump in and lets get started.

Subway Surfer's Cheats for Android

Things you will need ?

  1. Download Cheat Files.
  2. Subway Surfer's Game Installed.
  3. A simple File Explorer (ES File Explorer)
So now if you are on android device you do not need any additional software to do this stuff but you will need few things that you can grab from your play store market for free.
  1. Make sure you have downloaded everything mentioned on the right.
  2. Now just extract the Subway Surfers Hack file and your will find a folder in it that contains 3 files those are the file that will provide you with unlimited coins and upgrades.
  3. Now I hope your have installed the game in your device just navigate to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Subway Surfer's and hit Clear Data.
  4. Now copy these 3 files to your memory card and open file manager and navigate to sdcard/Android/data/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/files/
  5. Now you will see three files already there so replace them up with the 3 files your have downloaded.
  6. That's it now close and restart your game and see unlimited coins ready for some cash out. So now just head over and purchase some upgrades.

Subway Surfer's Cheats for iOS

Things you will need ?

  1. Download Cheat Files.
  2. Subway Surfer's Game Installed.
  3. DiskAid tool for exploring iOS device & transferring stuff.
So now we have cheated out the Android version above, we are going to see if we can cheat out the iOS version, well yes we can but it needs little more effort as it includes a software to be used as we did in Temple Run 2. So let's see how its done.
  1. Make sure you have everything mentioned on the right to get this working.
  2. Now install the game on your device and download the diskaid software to your computer.
  3. Now connect your device to your computer and open DiskAid utility. Now right under Apps you will see Subway Surfer's click on it.
  4. Now on the right you will see three file's mentioned as usual, if not it might be hiding under documents folder or something so check it out.
  5. Now once again just copy the 3 downloaded files and replace them with files already present in that folder.
  6. Now disconnect your device from DiskAid software and close your game entirely, now re open your game see it might be having unlimited coins with which you can easily purchase upgrades and other stuff.

So that's it, now if you still face problem's cheating your Subway Surfer's game on iOS device then you can check out below instruction's video. Have fun kudos :)