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28 March 2013

Reduce Chrome RAM Consumption by 95% using "OneTab"

While using Chrome you might have faced that crashing face problem used to come and your webpage is un-loaded, well that due to RAM problem as you are opening too many tabs it simply consumes more and more RAM that makes your PC slow and as last crashes the tab as it does not have much more RAM to hold all those tabs. Well there is a simple solution to that using "OneTab" chrome extension.

"OneTab" chrome extension simply converts all your tabs into one tab and display's the list of URL's you have opened so far, so now clicking any one URL will open a new tab and lesser RAM will be consumed. So it simply decreases the RAM consumption upto 95% that's really a good thing for ultimate smooth browsing.


Now the "OneTab extension comes with easy option's so you can easily restore all the tabs and delete them at once, its really handy. Now just install the extension from right hand side and then after your installed just click on the icon to create one tab from the tabs.

Now it will display a list of URL's that were earlier opened in new tabs, now you can click on any link to open it in a new tab. So now that's it now lesser RAM is consumed but you still easily browser smoothly. Do comment if you find any problem using it.