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27 March 2013

How to Change Google AdSense Account's Payee Name Easily

Payee name is the name allotted to person who is going to receive payments from Google fro using their service and making money online. So when ever you sign up for an AdSense account they provide you a field to provide the exact payee name for the person who has a valid account in any band with that name, so its kind of important step which everyone should fill with little care.

But sometimes due to curiosity people might fill out some random names or maybe they can miss some middle or last name, so you got me there can be any problem. So now the thing is does Google provide any easy way to change your payee name right from your account settings, well in few countries they do provide but in some countries mentioned in below image they do not provide this feature by default so is there any easy way to change payee for those account, well there is a way that might work out perfect.


So now the easiest way to overcome this problem is too contact the AdSense team directly and ask them to change your payee name so that you can easily receive checks, well the first option I will recommend is by using the new consultation service by Google AdSense, if your account is eligible for that service that would be much easier option to do so.

If you are not eligible for that service you can still contact them by sending a direct email to their support that's adsense-support@google.com so we not going to randomly typing few paragraphs but we have to do this thing in a manner full way so that it looks but professional.

So now just follow below steps, on how to compose a nice email to their support team so that you can get fast reply's from them easily.

  1. Open Gmail.com & Sign In to your AdSense Account.
  2. Now compose a new email to adsense-support@google.com
  3. In subject type "Payee Name Change"
  4. Now for the message copy & paste below format in your message field and change things.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am really happy to be a part of your awesome monetizing service and I want to say everything is going on smoothly well I had a little payee name change problem so I want you to please change my Google AdSense account payee name from "Old Payee Name Here" to "New Payee Name Here" because of the following reasons.

    "Add changing reason :)"

    My AdSense Publisher ID: (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Current Payee Name: (xxxxxxxxxxx)
    New Payee Name: (xxxxxxxxxxx)
    Country I reside In: (xxxxxxxxxxx)

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Your Sincerely:
    Your Name Here xxxxxxxx)
    Google AdSense Publisher :)

  5. Now change pub ID with your ID, add your current payee name and your country.
  6. Make sure to add a specific reason for your change, as they might ask you for what reason you really want to change your payee name.
  7. Now send them the email and wait for few days to get reply from them, now if they ask for any verification ID just email them that too.

That's it now they will just change your payee name and you can easily receive checks on your new name, well if you face any problem do comment.