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05 March 2013

What is a Toll Free Number & How to Get it for your Business

tollfree-logoToll Free Number can be classified as the best premium service offered by any business medium, companies now days usually have a toll free number so that their clients can interact with them without even spending penny. So who so ever call's them only they need to pay for the chargeable amount. That can monthly basis or even usage based. So alternatively its named as 800 Toll Free Number, and adds a class to your personal or commercial business. Well normally people gets satisfied when they see a toll free number they can call to get their query solved out. So they know their call would not be charged and they can easily talk for hours solving out their queries.

Benefit's of Toll Free Number

Owning a Toll Free Number has numerous number's of benefits, so obviously you are going to be the king if you own a toll free number for your business.

  1. Easily Memorable – toll free number's are easily memorable by their easy combination's, so if you go for a premium number in toll free section then you can get some awesome combination's that people can easily remember.
  2. Customer Satisfaction – customer's get satisfied when they see a toll free number hanging on the company's website, its simply states the power of a brand.
  3. Consistent – normally your company will grow in years and hence you will need more telephonic operators, but adding more different numbers and printing them up on your website and other places is not a good option so one number can redirect all your call's to different numbers in your company, so it's a fine option.
  4. Professional Touch – so to make your company or organization more strong you need to add more and more professional stuff to it, so it adds that professional touch to your organization making it much more convenient for communication.
  5. Cost Effective – it does not mean that paying all the consumer charges would make this service a expensive thing but its really cost effective and paying on monthly basis would be the best option.

Organization's using Toll Free Number's

Well I have posted earlier about all the Toll Free Number's that are used by organization's and brand's in India. you can check the full list here. [Link]

How to Get a Toll Free Number for your Business

Well in India all the big telecom networks are providing an easy way to get a toll free number for your personal business. You can also check this useful post [Link]

So now this might help you out in getting your personal toll free number for your business, if you think this post was useful do share this with your friends.