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05 March 2013

How to Create Animated .GIF Images from YouTube Videos


GIF Images are kind of fun animated images adding more creativity to any web project, well I posted earlier how you can added those animated gif images as your facebook timeline you can check that too but today we talking about converting some nice YouTube clips into these small .gif images and embedding them onto different online projects maybe onto some funny image's websites for getting more like and comments.

Well a online website named as "yt2gif" claims to be the best in converting these online YouTube Video clips into small animated gif images. So now you can be creative with your skills and get some nice small clippings from hilarious videos. So now just check out the below steps to see how it works.

  1. Visit yt2gif.com
  2. Now you will see some fields like below just add the YouTube video link that should 10min or less and should be viewable by everyone.
  3. So now you will see your video embed on the right which you use to see from which point you want to start and from which point you wanna end.
  4. So now just scroll the Start Time Slider and End Time Slider, and you also need to choose the .GIF length and Size.
  5. I recommend you to choose 0.50 size as it will output a decent quality with small size.
  6. So now just click on Create and wait till it creates your image, now after it has done it will take you too the page where you will see your .gif image that has been automatically uploaded on imgur.com
  7. So now you can click on its logo to get direct link to that image from where you can share it on other social website with friends and everyone.