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13 April 2013

How to Block Facebook.com on any Computer for Parental Use

Well Facebook has just evolved the way people used to chat with each other, in-fact children are now adding, interacting and chatting with their friends online, well this is good habit has it evolves really a big knowledge circulation but side by side its becoming an addiction so its must that every parent knows how to block it when ever they want too.

Well I came across an easy command utility that can block and unblock Facebook.com easily and that too with ease. So the utility looks like below running in a command shell and it comes with few options that you an choose to go with.


So now this utility work is pretty simple, you just need to open this utility and choose any option to start your operation with, so now you can follow below steps to see how it works.

  1. Download FB Blocker Utility.
  2. Now just extract the .exe file from the .zip package.
  3. Now double click on that utility and you will see something like above.
  4. Now press 1 Key to take backup of your hosts file.
  5. Now press 2 Key to block Facebook.com
  6. Now your facebook would be blocked to check if its really blocked just press 5 Key.
  7. Now you will not be able to browse Facebook.com
  8. Now anytime you want to unblock the Facebook.com.
  9. Open this utility and press 3 Key that's it.

So that it it's the easiest way to block and unblock Facebook.com, well if you find any problems using this utility do comment below so that I can help you out.